Thomas Babcock is a Pedophile in  Vancouver BC Canada.

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Thomas Babcock is a Pedophile in  Vancouver BC Canada.
Tom Babcock runs a sailing school called ” At The Helm ” , that he uses to lure young boys interested in sailing. Tom Babcock starts the abuse with a game devised by Tom Babcock called Follow Me . He would move his hands around your body on the outside of your clothes, tickle you, and you would have to do the same to him. The game would keep going until his hands were ‘inside your shirt or inside your underpants’ and it happened regularly, if not every time Tom Babcock would get you on the boat., A SICKO.
Thomas Babcock works as Sr Investment Specialist for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada at 300 West Georgia Street Vancouver Canada V6B 6E1.
Tom Babcock can be reached at 604-666-5684 Fax Number 604-666-8330 .
Tom Babcock is a Pedophile from North Vancouver, BC , Formerly Of Ottawa, Ontario And Guelph , Ontario.Tom Babcock is one sick pervert Tom Babcock , Vancouver, BC At The Helm Sailing And Powerboating School, 582 Shannon Crescent North Vancouver, British Columbia, (778) 919-6605. Tom Babcock also goes by Thomas Babcock or Thomas John Babcock.

Tom Babcock and Ramona Helm

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