Sean Ryan in Daytona beach is an insignificant parasitic worm

WTF Complaint about Sean Ryan in Daytona beach is an insignificant parasitic worm.  Sean Ryan is a white who is known for stalking and is currently stalking multiple people he is no longer friends with or people he finds interesting to him who he will tell the people who still are willing and either have some type of brain damage that brings them enough willingness to talk to him.; He is also known for harassing people for years or even stalking via social media with fake profiles sexualizing trans-genders , underage girls or any woman he finds attractive him.; He will call himself a “supreme gentleman” because he tends to enjoy referencing Elliot Rodgers or well comparing himself to the 2014 Isla Vista massacre shooter. He always Asks everyone “I get compared to a school shooter , do I look like someone who would shoot up a school?”; He has made multiple profiles on different websites to stalk people / watch what they are going through so he can send them his “gospel” speel. He has sent people pictures of his genitals , he made craiglist ad’s with people’s pictures and put fake info on it , he alsohas posted fake things about people on websites.; He has grind up on a couple of young girls during conventions , keyed cars , left racist messages on cars.; He has been arrested twice for the same charges (trespassing). He is set on making people have the same views as him. He’s a “christian” , a right wing who gets off on trump. He hates the LGBTQ+ community with a passion and is currently dating someone Via online who is classified in the LGBTQ community , he misgenders them and they are underaged , they are basically so brainwashed by him that’s insane.; Sean Ryan is basically almost like Chris-Chan , he is set on losing his virginity and will say anything he has done is a mistake and so will his followers / supporters , he blames all of his problems on his autism and will set on “revenge” if you do not want to be friends with him.; Please DO NOT try to be friends with him because once your friendship ends he will try to ruin your life. Don’t even hire him anywhere because he will think he’s entitled to act how he wants towards co-workers and employees..

Do you agree that Sean Ryan in Daytona beach is an insignificant parasitic worm deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!

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