Scott M. Coleman Chandler, Arizona

WTF Complaint about Scott M. Coleman Chandler, Arizona.  This site might be a bit harsh of a place to post a simple ‘watch-out’ to Scott’s ladies of interest, but after listening to the podcast Dirty John and hearing the horrifying sociopathic similarities between John and Scott, I felt it my obligation to put a warning somewhere. I am a successful professional, not an angry ex-wife. I don’t care to put lies here to hurt Scott, I just want to put a warning somewhere… I wish someone had done this for me so I could have avoided wasting years of my life on this man.; Scott has Bipolar Disorder. It is passed on genetically. His Grandmother was severely affected and on Lithium for decades. He was diagnosed in April 2018, 2 weeks after I kicked him out of my home for erratic and delusional behavior. He has since refused to take medication… stating its too expensive… or that he has been taking it, which he hasn’t.; Ladies, Scott will make you feel just like “Debra” in the podcast (and now Bravo hit movie, Dirty John). He will devote himself immediately and completely to you- he bought my favorite flower every 2 weeks for years, always did the dishes, cleaned up the house, EXTREMELY affectionate and devoted, talks of how you are his soul-mate… that its like you’ve known each other for so long. He moves in rapidly into your life… but is cautiously respectful and insightful so as to not push you too fast. You will find it hard to believe that such a wonderful and attentive man (who is incredible in bed) can be single.; He is a highly intelligent, charming charlatan ladies.. he is an expert at manipulating and twisting the stories about himself and the people in his past. He will have what appears a valid explanation for everything you might raise an eyebrow over. Poor Scott is the victim in every circumstance. He will carefully make sure that the stories he shares about his past and his X’s make you believe these people to be so despicable that you will have no desire to contact them or inquire about his past. He strategically did this with me, and after our marriage fell apart, he did this with his children so they wouldn’t continue any kind of relationship with me or their stepbrother, despite we loved and PAYED for them for years.; When we were dating, I often wondered why he didn’t have ANY friends from his past, despite he has lived in Arizona for decades. It is because SCOOTER eventually comes out… completely ruins all of his relationships and then SCOOTER turns his back on all the carnage he created, jumps on another dating site, and starts over with his next victim and HER friends and family, whom he quickly convinces with his charming and intelligent personality. One of his closest friends said he had them so fooled, they actually looked up to him and all he had accomplished… which isn’t anything to brag about.; He lost it all, ladies. He is worthless. He has a remarkable amount of debt, that he will hide from you. You will have to support him entirely. He will never stand up and be a man, pay for his and his children’s share of your combined expenses, and in the end, he will blame YOU for everything. Make it seem like it is YOUR fault. He cannot accept accountability, he is incapable of apologizing when it’s truly necessary. He will walk away from you the life you create with him as if it means NOTHING. He is a bipolar sociopath. Consider yourself warned..

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