Samantha Nikkole – Las Vegas, Nevada

WTF Complaint about Samantha Nikkole – Las Vegas, Nevada.  Dedicated to the new u ,and ill never forget the old u who was my princess once upon a time, and the most amazing and purest true love we shared. how we taught eachother what true love really was and how it felt like it. i guess u just dont like having nothing nice or good or someone that loves you unconditionally and puts u first and who truly cares about you since you would rather be on dat seeko seeko bullsh1t f***** around with some lames that will never leave tweaker estates let alone get u out of tweaker estates…. ignorance is bliss and settling and accepting to be the person u are now is just pure laziness caused by a lack of intellectual growth . But its ok i know its not ur fault nothing ever is since you love playing the victim especially when you’re everything but a victim and on that note peace and chicken grease my , everybodys gotta grow up one day Samantha and for our kids sake i hope its sooner than later, and for you,, well you should probably start looking for a therapist because you got so much guilt and bad karma coming your way and its going to eat your sensitive a55 alive. Im glad i aint u and didnt become like you over pettiness and drugs. The amount of pain u caused our children and me for no other reason than being cruel, how could you..

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