Samantha – Chicago, Illinois

WTF Complaint about Samantha – Chicago, Illinois.  Chicago meet Samantha Woo or as her friends know her Sam. Grew up in the small town of Bourbonnais (parents still reside there) Hangs out at the local bar in Bradley when she isn’t working (stripping by the name Emanie) at Polekatz Gentlemen’s club. Sam has and active drd which she doesn’t talk about. She dated a guy from gave him the drd and then try to say that she had gotten it from him. All lies this person had just gotten tested and knew better. When she was confronted again by it she broke down and said it was her and that she had contracted it from her ex boyfriend and she was sorry she didn’t say anything about it. Working at Polekatz she enjoys making out with her regulars that come in to see her ( if only those poor souls knew that she has that drd and it’s active soon those poor souls will have mouth sore and will be itching and oozing) isn’t this type of thing illegal? Idk what I would do if someone gave me a drd knowing they had one and kept it a secret and kept spreading it around, truly is the gift that keeps on giving. To the customers that she sees outside the club for money or dinners and sex please use protection. Last thing you need is this drd on your mouth or down in your genital area. You’ve been warned. Don’t let that sweet innocent butt chin face fool you or you’ll be regretting this for the rest of your life..

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