Ryan Mondoley from Las Vegas, Nevada

WTF Complaint about Ryan Mondoley from Las Vegas, Nevada.  This is about the guy who posts various sexist comments on Facebook, Twitter, and many other sites.; His name is Ryan Mondoley and he is from Las Vegas, Nevada.; He is known as Pink Panty Douche because he was exposed for wearing women’s pink panties, and for making derogatory comments about women.; His other nickname is Tic Tac Dick, which is due to his incredibly tiny penis.; He resided in Iowa, Wyoming, Virginia, Nebraska, and Texas previously.; He kept moving when his sexist attitude was discovered.; He pesters people by spamming on different posts how he thinks women belong be in the kitchen.; He also likes to post comments about how people are losers for liking different things or about how he rules the world, and thinks he’s awesome.; He’s even gone so far as to victim blame women when they’ve been attacked; He has stated that if a woman is too drunk, or wears revealing clothing then she has no one to blame but herself. He whines when there are posts about public breastfeeding or posts talking about periods.
He doesn’t think women should be allowed to breastfeed in public, and he thinks periods are disgusting.; He likes to talk trash but if you say anything to him, he gets upset and doesn’t like being told that he is wrong.; It’s a case of he can’t take what he dishes out.
His email account is [email protected]; his phone number is (702) 342-0531; He will try to deny that the pictures are of him or that he wears pink panties but don’t believe him.; The only known social media account is his Tumblr.; Here is the link to his tumblr.; https://ryanmondoley2.tumblr.com/; His Facebook, Twitter, IG, and other accounts always change when people start calling him out.; So if you see him posting his nonsense, this is who is doing it.; The photo that contains the picture of his tiny penis has been moved in case people don’t wish to view nudity.; Here is the link.; Ryan Mondoley’s tic tac dick.

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