Rhienna Perry – Portland, Oregon

WTF Complaint about Rhienna Perry – Portland, Oregon.  Rhienna Irene Perry has gotta be the most ratchet girl around. By around you could free bet that it wouldn’t cost a nickel for her to suck on your pickle because she never really minds simply trading herself. This floozy is a walking disease, and just breathing the same air as her might just be enough to catch who knows what coming out of her manhole. She has a bad habit of lying all too often and is the type to even falsely claim rape just so people can pity her about being a hooker that sells herself for nearly to nothing. Vindictive as all hell, she is way more than down to set even the most closest people to her up. She trysts to play the “down a55 broad” part, but she’ well too known to work with Portland Oregon’s finest. This home wrecking slore put the rat in ratchet, so I’d steer far from this floozy..

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