Rebecca Sundling — Stockholm, Sweden

WTF Complaint about Rebecca Sundling — Stockholm, Sweden.  this Swedish sociopath was send straight from hell. She is more dangerous than y’all could believe cause she’s a manipulator like no words can’t express . You meet her and think she’s a sweet funny gurl . She got deported from Canada for stealing at the bar she worked at and stole credit cards numbers of customers cards by typing them in manually . She also broke every policy the work place had and exchanged phone #’s with customers to fuk them for free hockey games, dinners and money. We got together the other night and everyone exchanged infos on what she did . She’s a thief and an abuser you have no idea how many steps this psycho is ahead of you. She is the most selfish peace of sh1t you’ll ever meet. She uses and abuses everyone around her. She’s stupid as f*ck but knows how to play y’all, never went to school for nothing . She will date 5 guys at the time whoever pays most and is most beneficial stays around the longest. She got convicted for abusing the system and stealing . Her entire family is full of criminals one brother is in jail for abuse stealing and stabbing people to death . Whenever she wants pitty she will tell customers he died. He usually dies once a year, it’s always the same brother that dies. She’s the biggest liar y’all ever come across. There’s a ton of customers waiting to punch that psychopath in her fake face. She fuked over 500 dudes, basically more than a floozy , and all the guys say the same thing that she has a very lose vagina doesn’t give a fuk about protection either . bitch takes no responsibility for anything she does to others or puts others through. She lies the moment she opens her fake mouth.

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