Peter Natoli — St. Augustine Beach, Florida

WTF Complaint about Peter Natoli — St. Augustine Beach, Florida.  While it takes two to tango, it takes a sick and perverted mind to talk badly about a spouse who is abroad. Peter Natoli did everything to destroy our marriage, he even beat two teeth out of my wife while I was in Europe. Later he blackmailed her so that she would not speak to the police. This person has no inhibitions, he is a 65 years old criminal who thinks he is 17 years old. Do not ride on his boat “Hurricane Lady” as he has a huge drinking problem.

Do you agree that Peter Natoli — St. Augustine Beach, Florida deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!


  1. JFK

    Peter Natoli should serve a lifetime sentence in prison. Using pills in order to manipulate people is as low as a human being could possibly go.
    SAPD, lock him up!

  2. F.

    Peter Natoli certainly deserves to be exposed on this website: Drugs, bankruptcies, assault – it is a shame that he is not in prison.

  3. Hurricane Lady

    Don’t ride on his boat “Hurricane Lady” from his business Ancient City Charters. It could cost your life as Peter Natoli is hardly ever sober.

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