Omar Pineda – Tulsa, Oklahoma

WTF Complaint about Omar Pineda – Tulsa, Oklahoma.  This is a MARRIED man! He is married to Lacie Pineda and he has a daughter also who I believe is around 7/8. He will sleep with literally anyone, and he does it before his wife can get home around 6:00pm. Absolutely disgusting behavior for a married man. He will lie and say he’s divorced or will just lie that he’s been single for a few years. Even has answered ads online for sex.; He just doesn’t know when to stop. Watch out for this guy and don’t get involved with him until he does the right thing AND LETS HIS POOR WIFE GO and find a DECENT man.; I have screenshots of his Instagram, but he’s changed his name since this, because I tried to DM his wife and he flipped out and changed everything. If anyone wants his new one,; I’ll send it to you.

Do you agree that Omar Pineda – Tulsa, Oklahoma deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!

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