Olivia Cyr – kitchener, Canada

WTF Complaint about Olivia Cyr – kitchener, Canada.  BEWARE: Olivia Cyr is an undercover racist pretending to be liberal. I went to St. Louis with this bitch and her hoes friend, Shianne H and Christie B. I was secretly helping the girl she was harassing. I got most of the story from the victim, who I’m good friends with now is 100% no doubt telling the truth. I may be white but I trust coloured women. This is the actual event that happened, the victim sat beside this hoe in a classroom and was trying to be nice to her because that’s how my FRIEND is. After a seemingly cordial exchange, my friend had found that this dumb bitch wrote a rude tweet about her claiming she’s schizophrenic when that’s absolutely NOT true at all. She has mild Asperger’s. Sad that my Aspie friend has more fuking IQ points that witless moron. I’m glad my friend gave her a taste of her own medicine, unlike her, she was classy and nice enough to educate this hoe on the difference. I was cheering on the victim while she had to fight off twitter trolls. I wanted to step in so badly but the victim told me not too as it would’ve blown my cover. The victim was trying to protect me from those slores, I know she’s stronger than them but three against one? NO. The situation unfortunately escalated one day when those three girls were harassing her as she was leaving school early due to her stomachache, me knowing her well, she was fighting off the pain. She shouted for them to fuk off and told the one bitch, Shianne to worry about her kid, which she really needs to. Then they started following her, Olivia included and she overheard racist remarks. After they caught up to her, she was victimized to racial slurs, threats of murder, she was called a ‘paki’ by one of the girls and the victim confirms that Olivia told the victim to “get out of Canada as her brown ass doesn’t belong here”. Yeah, my friend is mixed race. Arab via Cyprus & Euro via Italy, France & UK. She should’ve fukin’ killed the bitch which she really should have. The victim cursed them out, defended herself and managed to escape before being harmed. There’s more, the victim confirmed to me that Olivia, a girl named Desiree and Morgan Oldershaw were discussing the planning of the vicious racially motivated attack over twitter and the victim was smart to save the evidence and gave me a copy. I removed the part where she wrote commentary as she captured the screenshot from instagram. I removed it so no one would accuse her of anything. She told me without any physical evidence or marks of assault, she wasn’t able to report it. That’s from the victim. This next part is from me. Not only is this girl racist, uses the N word like she thinks she black. Also, she previously had a twitter page under the name ‘blackxbetty’. Bitch, you’re white. Stop acting like you’re POC, hoe. For the right black d1ck, I’m sure you’d go from lesbian to straight in one second. I would know this as I followed her to a party once and saw her sloppily all over black guys seeing which one of them would fuk her. I know for a fact the reason she temporarily moved to Alberta was get away from her past. Sorry. Now the world knows exactly the type of ignorant, racist bitch you are. I’ve included the screenshot of the conversation if you’d all like to see..

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