Deadbeat Who Fled The U.S. While Owing Over $170,000 In Child Support!

This piece of shit Nilesh Damji Waghela left his ex-wife penniless with 2 young children by wiring all joint savings accounts to his sister Rita in England. Evading child support caught up to him, now owing over $170,000 in child support in Fresno county. Fresno Superior Court documents are public and this case can be looked up. His Children now 10 years later are doing well. This is all thanks to a strong mother who despite hard times, has been sure that her children have not felt the burden of her struggles.

Everyone thinks Nilesh Waghela is a gentleman. This is because he knows how to say the right things and comes off as a decent person. What people don’t know is that 10 years ago, he beat up his now ex- wife. Nilesh was sentenced to a 52 week batterer’s intervention program in Fresno, California. After completing that program, he was caught locking his then 2 year old daughter in the closet. When the Fresno Police child abuse unit got involved, he decided to flee the United States. He went back to England and abandoned his daughter and infant son.

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