Nicolette Gersh — Tampa, Florida

WTF Complaint about Nicolette Gersh — Tampa, Florida.  This scumbags name is Nicolette Gersh. SHE HAS DRD She’s a homewrecker. She takes home whatever man she meets from at the bar she works at and fUks them with no protection. AND SHE HAS DRD. She carries her medication in her purse. She will brag that she is not gonna tell anyone until she gets in a serious relationship. It has been confirmed in the past month that she has gone home with minimum three men. And claims that she has a boyfriend..

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  1. Grossed out

    So glad someone else outted her. She has lied about her herpes to every dude. Cheats all the time on every single guy. She stole the last one and does this innocent act to fool any person who will listen and cheated on him too broke up a family she is just gross who lies about an STD and can sleep at night. Poor sap

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