Nicole Miller – Springfield, Illinois

WTF Complaint about Nicole Miller – Springfield, Illinois.  This is not short… I will be honest, I am not the type of person to air peoples dirty laundry. I also don’t believe a homewrecker is a home wrecker if they don’t know they’re being one. Once they KNOW about the spouse…they are now a homewrecker. I am also not the type of person to just blame one party. Considering the cheating spouse is just as much at fault.; I am posting for a friend, who will be referred to as my friend or the wife. I have her entire permission to post their story. My friend and her husband have been married for 7 years and have a beautiful little girl. Her husband was in the Navy. At least one time per year that they have been married, he has had an emotional affair with other women, including internet flirting, and in person flirting when available (even while he was deployed).; About a year ago, he kept with his routine. Nicole was the one that he decided to try his luck with. At first this wasn’t her fault as she did not know Ken was married. His wife found out, once again and fought to make her husband happy. He told his wife that he stopped talking to Nicole, which he did. Nicole found out from many of my friends’ family members, and even my friend, that he was married. She made the decision that she wasn’t going to be a homewrecker. A few months ago, apparently he decided to have another affair…but this time it wasn’t a different girl or an internet fling. It was Nicole.; This wasn’t her fault at first because he told her that he and his wife were separated. Meanwhile, he is lying to his wife and telling her that he is on work calls. When this all began, my friend had a feeling that something wasn’t right. She installed a tracker on his phone. One night shortly after the tracker was installed, (their daughter’s birthday) he was supposed to be meeting my friend and their daughter for a birthday dinner, he told his wife that he had to take an emergency work call in Springfield. Instead of being “at work” he was at Nicole’s house. My friend tracked his phone, and went to the address that his gps location listed. Sure enough, he was with Nicole. Apparently he found it a better idea to buy Nicole a bottle of wine and spend an evening with her instead of with his wife and daughter. My friend knocked on the door, and Nicole answered.; That was the moment that Nicole found out that Ken was still married. Ken made my friend leave and told her that he would be home soon. He stayed with Nicole another hour before he actually left. He basically lied to Nicole at that time, once again, and told her that his wife was just jealous and that it was over. When he did arrive home, my friend told him to stop talking to Nicole. He told her he would, but guess what…he didn’t. So, time goes on and Nicole once again finds out the truth. Directly from my friend and some of her family, again. The difference, this time she decided that she didn’t care. She continued her affair with Ken. Trying to save his own ass, Ken tells his wife that nothing happened between them and it can’t be considered cheating because they didn’t have sex (I believe this because I was born yesterday and the earth is flat ). Later to discover that they actually had been intimate, but sex was not admitted to by either party. Ken admitted that he had been up Nicole’s shirt and down her pants while they were having a hot and heavy make out session. (Yes, apparently were all back in high school…); Later the same week, Ken tells his wife that he wants a divorce, he doesn’t love her anymore and he is done with their marriage. That would be all fine and well, right? You would think. In the same week, he told his wife that he doesn’t want to move out, he doesn’t want to pay child support, and he doesn’t want to pay alimony. My friend keeps fighting for her marriage because she loves her husband, and he’s being ignorant. Ken is still talking to and seeing Nicole. He sticks to his “I want a divorce” and treats my friend like she’s trash. What’s she going to do? Kick him out? She can’t. He won’t leave on his own accord. She’s stuck.; We will skip forward to the beginning of this week to spare you some reading… Ken tells his wife that he wants to move out but he needs her to pay all of their bills so he can save money before moving out. He tells her that he wants to work on their marriage, but he feels he needs space to do so. He tells my fiend that he is still talking to Nicole and doesn’t plan to stop, but according to him, he hasn’t seen her. Again, the earth is flat. About mid week, my friend and her husband have been having some conversations about how to fix their marriage. He tells her he will go to marriage counseling, because he admits that he needs counseling for himself and what better way to do it than during marriage counseling. He still wants to work on their marriage, but he still wants to move out. Again, he is still talking to Nicole on a constant basis. So, last night, he takes the initiative to actually start working on his marriage.; After over a month of sleeping on the couch, he decided he wanted to sleep in the same bed with his wife. He goes up to their bedroom. She falls asleep. Ken decided this was the best time to initiate sex. They get done with their extracurricular activities and then they fall asleep cuddled up together. My friend feels this is a step in the right direction until this morning. Ken brings up the events and eventually tells her that he doesn’t know what made him want to have sex but that it may have been out of convenience. He tells her that he is going out tonight and will think about the situation while he has some alone time. Ken wouldn’t give her any answers or opinions on the matter. He goes back to work. Around 6, Ken tells my friend that he is going to Desthil in Bloomington and that he wants her to let him know when she gets home. So she brings their daughter to me, she’s going to surprise him at the distillery. She gets there and she calls me. Her husband is there just like he said he was. Nicole is also there. That is a little fact that he left out. So my friend texts him from the parking lot asking if anyone met him there tonight. He lies to her and says no. At this point, he has no idea that she is standing next to his work van. She walks to the front of the building and looks in, she sees them sitting at a table. Laughing, smiling, conversing with each other. She is furious, but I remind her that I can not leave my house to bail her out of jail while I have her daughter.; She goes into the building and walks over to the table and says hey. The look on Ken’s face was pure shock and anger. Nicole had a shocked look that turned into a smirk when Ken started pushing my friend out of the facility. Telling her to lower her voice (I can only assume it is because he doesn’t want the world to know he’s a cheating, lying, jackass and his girlfriend is a homewrecker!) He tells her that he met Nicole to break it off with her. Ken tells his wife that it was going to be a surprise because he was doing something for her. He tells her that her behavior is like a stalker and it is making him rethink his decision to break it off with Nicole. He returns inside to pay the tab, finish his beer, and to supposedly break it off with the homewrecker. He refuses to tell his wife what was said, but the picture of them walking out of the facility, her with a grin on her face, tells me that he has somehow lied again.; Just to get something straight, Ken is in the wrong, but Nicole is just as wrong. She knows he’s married. She doesn’t care. She continues to try and steal someone else’s husband..

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