NICOLE KINGMA – Vancouver, Canada

WTF Complaint about NICOLE KINGMA – Vancouver, Canada.  This is Nicole Kingma she is the biggest fuking dirty slore I’ve ever met in my entire life I worked with her at Joey’s for a long time and not to mention does she steal and got fired but now she’s dating some disgusting European 4 foot nothing monkey who is covered in tattoos and made her tattoo her body like Tupac, Little does this girl know that Sam has cheated on her more times than I can count he fuked his ex-girlfriend while they were together and has came downtown to see her numerous amount of times her name is Carlee, I don’t blame Sam Nicole looks like a man she’s cheated on him too She loves the snort blow And I hear this girl is one of the dirtiest girls she doesn’t shower for weeks and she has a botched boob job honey get your life together Sam is it going to marry you you’re white trash he comes from a good family that you took them away from you really need to recognize your place in the world and take you and you’re disgusting habits elsewhere you fuking slt.

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