Nickkie Maynard – Chapmanville, West Virginia

WTF Complaint about Nickkie Maynard – Chapmanville, West Virginia.  I dunno y this hoe feels so good about herself. There is a group of men and women on the app line who have been sent masturbation pics and videos of this woman. There was bets going to see who could get the most pics n videos sent to them. She sent the most to the men she thought were married or in relationships. I can’t believe she actually shows her full face and tats in her videos. I mean this lady has no shame. I dont understand why she gets enjoyment out of being used like a hooker by a “married” man but it is kind of humorous. I guess cause she comes from west va shes probably bored. That and shes obviously got no moral compass so when u look at it that way it makes sense. This world is fucked.; Shes not the kind of girl that you would bring home to meet your mama and if u did bring her home she would most likely try to fuck your dad, your brother and anyone else there with a penis. I guess shes the kind of gal who could make some lonely inmates really happy after being locked up for a long time and not having access to vagina…but shes not the kind of lady u would wife up. Ask her ex husband..

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