Morgan Shotwell — Sacramento, California

WTF Complaint about Morgan Shotwell — Sacramento, California.  This empty shell of a pu55y aka MRS3786 has zero self esteem, she can only pretend she does by receiving the cvm from as many men as she possibly can. She fuks for money of course but will also fuk for the simple attention. She is a black hole, if you invest anything more than a load in her. She sells videos of her taping her entire pu55y open like a pink bat (flying type) and selling them to her “boss” online. She takes that money and gives it to David Cullivan from Rancho Murrieta so he can stick a needle in his arm, pawn her jewelry then ditch her to fuk other bitches. I went through her phone snd she also has fuked everyone I know and I have no friends now. You would think someone who lies as much as she does would at least be good at it but she sucks at that. She habitually robs blind a local child psychologist named Michael Jones PHD who has a jewelry stand at the antique trove in Roseville. She must give him the bomb dome to stay employed by him as long as she has. She is a very manipulative shape shifter who acts too good for everything that she hasn’t copied from your persona, yet she will break into construction sites to fuk her homeless loser boyfriends. When you call her out she will call the police and get you a DV charge. She fakes abortions when she wants you out of her life and says she’s trying to better herself when in fact all she’s doing is moving down another rung in her choice of DNA to store in place of real self esteem..

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