Morgan Osman – Los Angeles, California

WTF Complaint about Morgan Osman – Los Angeles, California.  why has no one posted the biggest sugar baby rift of all time? Morgan kept calling out AR for copying her and The office posted this pic which made morgan get on her knees and suck a d!! Called out Morgan for copying the same PIC from 2017 !! Monchi isnt used to anyone calling her a55 out but Ratchet is known to beat a bitch ruthless and leave her on the curb ! She threw sloppy joe out of a moving car 2 years ago lmao . Monchi did u meet ur match??? Morgan- Phillip left u! U are 35 with no career and no friends , deal with it!!! And stop trying to be friends with his exes, you look like a joke !!.

Do you agree that Morgan Osman – Los Angeles, California deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!

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