The woman is a self serving, self absorbed adulterous! She has no problem having an affair with a married man. She does not care that she has shattered this family, deeply hurting a wife and mother and their 2 children. All she cares about is getting what she wants and to hell with whom her actions may harm in the process. When that man did not leave his wife and children to be with her, she intentionally got pregnant! It still did not work because she is void of all decent genuine qualities that any man sees in a woman he wants as a wife.
She is a parasite! She leached on and sucked everything she could from this family leaving a shattered broken wreck of what used to be a happy family. She is toxic! She is a malignant narcissist and if anyone reading this has a child in Nevada’s Clark County School District she may very well be teaching your child! Although she is an MD, she is teaching for CCSD because she followed this man to Nevada leaving her job and her house. This is not someone I would ever want teaching my child!!

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