Michelle Voigt Starwood Med Spa Frisco Texas


Herpes, Chlamydia & AIDS are some diseases carried by failed HOME WRECKER Michelle Voigt Frisco Texas. Bulimic and bipolar discarded by every man and friends. Even her pets run away from her. At Starwood med spa Frisco Texas Michelle Voigt STEALS from clients, demands kickbacks and the best is that she will take YOUR number and emergency contact info to seduce YOUR husband. Nasty scumbag is all used up, screws anything she thinks has money. She even tried getting with Harvey Weinstein but even he rejected her. With a criminal record a mile long, WHEN Starwood fires her Michelle will be at a gentlemen’s club near you. Has a photography business but it is a front- she seduces the men and now she has a horrid reputation for that. Fucked up she tries to break up families with newborns.
The beauty of it all is that Michelle Voigt is a FAILURE at everything she tries. Such a stone cold ugly loser that no man wants! 😆

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