Michele Kallman – Manalapan, NJ, New Jersey

WTF Complaint about Michele Kallman – Manalapan, NJ, New Jersey.  This whore has been talking about how she fell for a married guy. The great part is that he dumped her, but she still feels like they have some connection. She brags about how he took her out for fancy meals and a trip to Vegas, meanwhile he’s got a family and she doesn’t care. I overheard her telling her friend about their “insane chemistry” and almost puked. He led her on, but she’s too fucking stupid to see it. She got dumped once, and now it appears from social media that it’s happened a second time, which is exactly what this woman deserves. She is a miserable, insecure bitch who is never going to find a man because she’s crazy. Men cut and leave constantly because she’s psycho stage five clinger. I’m glad that she is finally getting what she deserves, which is NOTHING..

Do you agree that Michele Kallman – Manalapan, NJ, New Jersey deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!

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