Michael wamsley

WTF Complaint about Michael wamsley.  Michael divorced me when he met that whore kori hall of Guthrie, the realestate slut. Her and my husband started fucking each other in December 2015 kori her husband poor guy tried to keep his wife. But here is the kicker now kori the whore is married to my cheating husband and i have slept with my ex husband Michael Wamsley 3 times since he has married that fucking realestate whore KORI HALL yes I have fucked Michael 3times since they married, Karma you fucking two cheating lying piece’s of shit deserve each other. I even have proof of this on my phone Mrs Kori Wamsley I don’t want him back I did it out of pure hate for you fucking my husband and destroying two families. Michael has always cheated on me and he will always cheat on you!! You probably had your martial problems with your ex but at least he wasn’t a cheater like Michael KARMA ALWAYS WILL GET YOU…..

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