Melissa Wright – CHEATER SITE STALKER – Ormond Beach, Florida

WTF Complaint about Melissa Wright – CHEATER SITE STALKER – Ormond Beach, Florida.  Melissa Wright is the kind of girl who will deliver long, unnecessarily worded rants over things that can easily be addressed in a couple of brief sentences. She holds herself and her opinions to an unrealistically high standard bordering pretentious.; She is petty and vindictive. She obsesses over every detail she can find about people she claims to no longer want in her life. She is quick to spread lies and false rumors to people’s friends after her friendships with them break off. There was a string of Second Life controversies wherein she acted out a simulated revenge against a handful of these individuals with other players/users.; For over a year and a half now one of my best friends has been the victim of her antics and has even feared for his mental health over her false accusations. He has just been trying to live his own life free of her nonsense and she jumps on every opportunity to drag his name through the mud (even posting his information along with her stories to certain websites).; Her boyfriend not only knows that she is a toxic person, but encourages and supports it – so much so that “toxic” is her nickname. Mel Wright is not just an egotistical gossiper, she is a joysucker and a drama queen. If you get on her bad side, the moment your name comes up again she’ll type up an essay telling you why your male privilege discounts your valid arguments, or why being pro-Trump or Christian is oppressive, or whatever. She’s a college liberal weighing in on debates she knows nothing about, which just makes this all the more hilarious.; If she ever accuses you of stalking, know that she will gather all the information on you she can even if she has to get her hands dirty, and use it against you even years after the fact. It takes one to know one..

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