Mark Lawler

I am Mark Lawler from Franklin Tn. and I don’t believe it is right for two women, Rebecca Corson in 2004 and Debra Savitz in 2018 to be allowed to denigrate my integrity in a public forum such as Goggle. I dated both of these women for less then a year while single. After breaking up with Ms Corson she began stalking me at my job and threatening my soon to be wife. In this post she lied about me being abusive and unfaithful in my previous marriage causing much distress and hardship to my wife, marriage and children. Thirteen years later and after my second marriage had ended Ms Savitz who I had dated for less then a year and who had publically defended me against the vicious attacks of Ms Corson on this very forum, decided after a cantankerous relationship and difficult breakup to add her two cents in 2018. I’ve never claimed to be a saint, and I’ve made some mistakes in my life, but I don’t believe it is fair for two out of six women in a mans 67 year of life to anonymously attempt to destroy his character and reputation without any evidence and accountability. This is not the America that I served and fought to defend. I would love this server to takedown these unsubstantiated reports by two women scorned to protect the innocent, my children but I suspect there not really interested in the truth, but more in selling subscriptions

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