Marissa Stewart — Surrey, Canada

WTF Complaint about Marissa Stewart — Surrey, Canada.  Marissa Stewart works at mid way mazda . She’s 20 years old and a hoe , she sleeps with her boss for a promotion even sucks him off in the warehouse numerous people have caught her go down and dirty on her knees for it and have numerous videos . She sends clevage and tit pictures to every guy out there than asks why guys only like her for her tits ? Because that’s the only good thing about you . My current bf used to hit her up before he told me he would close his eyes while fuking her but it wasn’t even enjoyable because she’s so loose you can actually fit three egg plants up there and her vagina reeks she needs to learn to clean herself up properly . She has some skin disorder that’s so gross but she thinks she’s sooo hot and pretty and acts so innocent . But little do you know she goes out at night sneaking telling her parents she’s working for them but would meet guys for extra money . She claims she has an a55 and a figure but she’s just a fat blob with boobs . She should really dress according to her size not three sizes down ! Her a55 is flatter but fat in width and she gets lip injections !! Even her tits are fake apparently her recent sugar daddy is an upgrade . Hit up Stewart.marissa she only charges 10$ every second hour and her mouth isn’t good at talking but good at sucking from what I’ve heard from people and her co workers ! Marissa next time you want to extend your hoeness some where make sure you don’t fuk with other people’s boyfriends or fiancé especially when you know you have drd and drd ..

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