Lucia “Valentina” — Calgary, Canada

WTF Complaint about Lucia “Valentina” — Calgary, Canada.  This girl is honestly disgusting, she has been with EVERY guy. She is so dirty and 20$ truly makes her come home with you. She has no fuking brain, no fuking morales, and no class. She will cry to you about how she is a “recovering” alcoholic but she is a cry baby who plays victim. I have never met a guy who didn’t know her as a sloot, or they themselves have been in her pants. She’s a horrible friend and can’t keep anyone because she will sh1t talk you behind your back and kiss your a55 to your face. Don’t be fooled by this dirty pathological liar or her victim self healing bs front. Lucia “Valentina” you deserve a nice fuking slap. But honestly guys go at it, have fun just use a condom or you’ll contract something..

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