Llew Edward’s better known as Coach Llew

WTF Complaint about Llew Edward’s better known as Coach Llew.  This man Llew N Edward’s from Toronto is the biggest womanizer I’ve ever met. Ge has bo concious. He thinks nothing of using women. He has a huge Ego and Charisma larger than life. He will sell you on being a great guy. However, he is a liar a playboy who will tell you you are his queen and that you are his love all the time he’s using you. Cheap as shit and doesn’t know how to be with a woman long term. He will cheat ever chance he gets wheather emotionally and physically be careful of this narcissistic man he is a snake trying to pass himself of as a great man. He has no time for a woman and is full of excuses. It will cost you your soul to be with him as he strings you along. All his ex’s are crazy and users right its him. He’s lazy and not that smart..

Do you agree that Llew Edward’s better known as Coach Llew deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!

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