Liar and backstabber formerly from Kuching, Sarawak but now based in Kuala Lumpur

WTF Complaint about Liar and backstabber formerly from Kuching, Sarawak but now based in Kuala Lumpur.  I was once good friends with a Kuching woman called Annie Vong who turned out to be nothing but a liar and backstabber. More than 20 years ago in Kuching, I offered her some help with sincerity only for that fucking cunt to tell lies and make up untrue things about me to her friends and some people in our town. It made felt disgusted, ashamed and disappointed having her as a friend for years. I was not alone and it turned out she had backstabbed one of my closest friends and other women in Kuching. She once told lies that almost tore one family in Kuching apart but thank God, they had a bit of sense to see through her before the damage was done. Annie Vong also told lies that destroyed a few friendships in Kuching. The biggest backstabbing she committed was when she told lies about one particular housewife over some school textbook. I do not understand what does Annie Vong have against this housewife who is a nice woman that never hurt others. After years of searching into Annie Vong’s background, I have learnt that if she can lie and backstab a friend and create discord between others it doesn’t surprise me if she can dare to backstab others like her co-workers, her neighbours and even her own boss. Last I heard, she got divorced more than 15 years ago and ended up permanently resettling in Kuala Lumpur ever since. I have sometimes thought of confronting that liar bitch and pour a glass of cold water into her stupid face if she ever sets foot in Kuching again. Annie the fucking chibai liar is the same level as Janice Pang the town slut of Kuching (also based in New Zealand). This website is very God sent and perfect opportunity to wreak revenge on her after what she did to a lot of people. To anyone in KL reading this, you better think twice having Annie Vong in your social circle. If she can hurt a few innocent people in Kuching in the past, then she can do the same to you too. Good luck to those who choose to have her as their friend. She is not to be trusted. To all prospective employers in KL, you think very carefully and hard whether you want to hire this fucking liar. Annie Vong, if you find your name on this site be happy now you are fucking famous. Famous for the liar and backstabber you are. Up yours, bitch!.

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