Lesli Ann Haider Brantley, Castle Rock, Colorado


Lesli Ann Haider Brantley – I worked with this slut at a small law firm in Parker before she fucking fired me. Little did she know I knew she would be an easy fuck. She had told me she was leaving her husband for me because he was an asshole – Keep in mind she has a daughter under ten. This went on for years. She said she “caught” feeing for me, we would get together for a fuck, but then when she found out I knew she wasn’t leaving her “abusive husband”, she fucks this other married guy at the law firm she works at just to get back at me. Married guy, who she fucked, his wife is pregnant – who fucking does that? Lesli does.
Look, her husband isn’t “abusive”. He worked from home caring for their kid and took on her oldest son ( spread her legs early) while she is out fucking dudes.
John Haider, I hope you see this. Your wife is a slut and I had no clue this shit was happening. Leave this crazy bitch!

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