Kylee Trachsel — Calgary, Canada

WTF Complaint about Kylee Trachsel — Calgary, Canada.  We got a real gem here for ya. This skeeze donkey imbred train wreck lives in a one bedroom basement suite with her mom and 3 year old son who coincidentally is being taken away by css due to her huge pepsi and alcohol addiction. Add to that her very recent abortion from her uterus being so polluted that poor baby never stood a chance. When she’s not attending mandatory counselling to attempt to retain custody of her child. She enjoys bar hopping all over downtown and sleeping with any guy that buys her a drink and says hello. For the most part this hick crayon eating gutter trash prefers the d*ck. Any shape or size will do and leave ur protection at home cuz this sweetheart prefers the raw sensation. Don’t feel bad if she doesn’t remember ur name or anything whatsoever about u. This is a regular routine for Snow White. She will however the next day attempt to initiate a relationship to make herself feel better for being used and degraded. In her defence she does use tinder to meet most of her male suitors. But if all else fails a random in the backseat of a pathfinder in brew house parking lot does just fine. How romantic. As for my own experience with the drd infested Kyleerae. She receives a generous evaluation of 3 out of 10 in the sack. Between her unenthusiastic moaning interrupted by sucking on a fake nail encased finger that unfortunately was just plunged inside her own butthole. She lays lifeless and starfished as u attempt to keep ur erection through the disappointment. There however seemed to be hope when asked if I would like to put it somewhere tighter A.K.A her butthole but sadly this was just as dischevled and loose. The final Hail Mary attempt to redeem her embarrassing sexual prowess was a blowjob that was the most awkward and embarrassing thing I’ve witnessed. Especially when an attempt to deep throat was tried. Resulting in her puking. Steer clear Calgary.

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