Kobi Volk – Saskatoon, Canada

WTF Complaint about Kobi Volk – Saskatoon, Canada.  Kobi Volk from Saskatoon, also known as Easy A, easiest pus**y you will ever get. She fck* with anyone even with guys who beat her. And she loves it. She sleeps with anyone, including her own cousin. And her cousins friends. She dated her cousin for months while also banging his friends behind his back. She takes naked photos and sends them to every guy on her phone, but after editing them of course. You might see her hanging around Langham hunting down more guys to fck. She is a nasty sl** that manipulated guys into sleeping with her. She cheats and lies to guys. Even posts videos of her having sex* The typical sl*t. She is also the queen for sucking di*k for rides. Ask anyone. And they will tell you just how nasty she is. It’s about time someone called this chick out on her sh1t. Photoshopping your photos doesn’t make you any prettier kobi. It’s time to lay off the Xanax sweetie. And Nobody cares about your “daddy issues” wouldn’t be surprised if you were banging your daddy too. That’s just how messed up this chick is. You want a easy lay. Here she is. Kobi Volk..

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