Keira Palmer – Summerville, South Carolina

WTF Complaint about Keira Palmer – Summerville, South Carolina.  Got with my former boyfriend back in August of 2011 and was together up until 2017. I went to be with him 1300 miles originally from my home and we started a new life about 1 year in the year of 2017 and month of March I started to see him changing. Staying out late even at some points not returning home and I figured it was another woman. He started abandoning me leaving me without food and not communicating. Find out it was another woman and I even let her know what was going on and every night she would pick him up after work and he would leave me for days at a time. I fought i starved i begged i pleaded i lost my mind and that very same month I also find out he contracted herpes. So long story short I ended up leaving him because she became pregnant and i was so malnourished and fed up I just left. I really hate typing these things as I would love to discuss this in detail. Im thinking about starting a youtube channel. You can find me on facebook, instagram, snapchat, and Liveme. Liveme i usually discuss this alot. I still hurt and suffer from the traumatic stuff they BOTH put me through I even still love him and misses him dearly. Him and her are on their second child now. I have been communicating and dealing with him since I left him. He claims to still care and etc. i even visited him back in May of 2018 in THEIR home (aint karma a bitc* lol not really). Anyways hes the monster I never thought he could be. She had a leash on him since the day they met and it turned him against me in the worst way sometimes he still spews his hatred for me and love for her. We werent perfect bt i was a good woman I highly think I didnt deserve this. Now she is the babymother/girlfriend on a pedestal by his family and they know what he did to me with her and even witnessed my malnourishment and suicidal breakdowns from their affair..

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