Kayla Marie Raddatz (Schroeder) – Clearwater, Florida

WTF Complaint about Kayla Marie Raddatz (Schroeder) – Clearwater, Florida.  Kayla befriended a mom in her homeschooling group. This mom helped her make new friends, confides in her, and invited her out a couple times to meet new people. One night, she sees her friend’s husband play music at his gig and instantly crushes on him, making comments to her new friend which just sounded like jokes. The next night, the innocent mom friend invites Kayla out to meet more of the homeschooling parents. Kayla gets drunk and asks innocent friend’s husband to chug beer. When innocent mom leaves the night early (she rode a bike), Kayla continues to hang out with IM’s husband and another community dad. She flirts with them ALL night, according to the bartenders. She starts talking about her sex life and her swinger life. The drunk men are intrigued and stick around. Kayla mentions having to Uber home so IM’s husband offers to drive her, since he lives close by. He goes to drive her home and the sex talk continues. That then leads to them making out, her giving him head, and him fingering her. She then Ubers home after innocent mom shows up, to find them looking for her phone. She texts innocent mom when she gets home and says “thanks for a fun night!” Innocent mom then finds out everything from husband and then Kayla confirms it all..

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