Karla Peterson — Winnipeg, Canada

WTF Complaint about Karla Peterson — Winnipeg, Canada.  This is girl KARLA PETERSON from Winnipeg and is nothing but a floozy chasing older married men and guys that have women & families for crack / meth/ weed & drinks..pretty much anything she can get high off of… Posing& posting nasty desperate pics of herself really trying to find a guy or alil piece …trading her nasty a55 for a hoot or anything she can get …she claims to be a good mother, when she dont even have her kids!! When confronted she says her mother is dying…What does that have to so with selling your a55 and chasing Old taken men !!!! This is one nasty girl to stay away from If shes willing to sell her fishy smelling snatch for a hoot omg…imagine what kind of drds she has to smell so nasty…..

Do you agree that Karla Peterson — Winnipeg, Canada deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!

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