Karim Khuluki Virginia , Virginia

WTF Complaint about Karim Khuluki Virginia , Virginia.  Karim Khuluki has his name with herpes online and he already told me he gave me hepatitis c.He will also directly lie and say he’s never had an std,he did that to me and I had never even asked the question in the first place,before he admitted he had hepatitis c and then wouldn’t answer the question abt herpes.And he would not use protection!.

Do you agree that Karim Khuluki Virginia , Virginia deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!


  1. Bluerose

    I wrote the post abt Karim Khuluki after I found out he had hepatitis c and that there was stuff about herpes and him online. I didn’t write it on the date January 1,2019 and I didn’t sign it as Donaldfuckingducky.Karim thinks he is a hacker and tries to use some hacking thing called havij. I asked him why it kept saying stuff online about himself and herpes but never got a response bc he has it.

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