Karen Irving London

WTF Complaint about Karen Irving London.  I am one very sickly f****r who thinks I am very smart. I am an evil, self-confirmed satanist who is in charge of the website hoaxsteadresearch.com. I use this site with my daughter in order to attack anyone we can on behalf of my friend, the Hampstead Satanic Abuse case father, Ricky Dearman.; We claim to be nice and innocent, but have really f****d up via our criminal actions and associations on behalf of well-known police informer and criminal abuser, Royden James Jones of the Outlaw Police Web Blog which is located at www.outlawjimmy.com.; I too am a criminal and sexual deviant, who is most fond of ridiculing serious cases of abuse and have subsequently seriously overstepped the mark with regards to my claims of defending my friend Ricky.; If people do not simply shut-up and shy away from our unsubstantiated abuse, malicious allegations of threats to kill directed towards or us, or our desire for them not to view SATANISM as a disturbing pursuit, we make little selective vaults on Google to store selective information on them for the benefit of or criminal and SATANIC followers.; Do not be around if we are near and you hea about cannibalism either, as it is our whole aim to stamp pout talk of such acts to divert attention away from the practices we have been accused of engaging in.; At the end of the day, I am just a silly kunt, just like my SATANIC abuser friends, they being Royden James Jones, Sheva Burton a.k.a Sue Melrose and Ricky a.k.a Dark Lord or Papa.; We are really silly c***s due to the fact we can go around the web intimidating people on behalf of Ricky and think they should say nothing back even though he is fully aware of our website at hoaxsteadresearch.com and its criminal activities which are also linked to his own..

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