Justice Frederick L. Myers Myers Toronto, –

WTF Complaint about Justice Frederick L. Myers Myers Toronto, –.  A young woman pursued a Judicial Review against the crowns office who wanted to stay her sexual assault prosecution without any evidence being heard.; The Provincial Crowns office are full of pathological liars. They protected a polyamorous, knowingly violent man in the Toronto community, from being prosecuted of sexual assault and sexual battery, to cover up for a Toronto Detective who neglected the case. The man was a paramedic.; They blamed the girl who was honest, claiming she wasn’t credible. The man had a history with assault convictions, sharing nude photos of women without consent and then lying to his work place about it. The man also openly admitted to breaking a woman’s bones during a sexual encounter, by accident. The woman was left with a lot of scars. He just kept covering up for the other crowns and police, lying and blaming the woman, while the perpetrator got off scott free.; The crown lied to the judge, claiming this woman was convicted for criminal harassment. She wasn’t. They lied and claimed she signed her perpetrators signature on a letter. She didn’t. The perpetrator did so much to this woman and she almost died of suicide because of the stress. Instead of using all of his conduct against him, they used it to support him. He was mentally ill and engaged in opiate use, theft of drugs from his work as well. The girl was a country singer, and aspiring women’s rights lawyer, wholesome, never touched drugs and they blamed her for everything and protected the perpetrator.; So much corruption in the places of power. They protect the bad, the ugly and the dirty. They even stayed the charges without any evidence being heard. The system is supposed to be fair and everyone is supposed to have their day in court with both sides heard.; All of these crowns worked together to make a buffoonery of he case, and a mockery of our system. They set up for her to be falsely detained on her court dates and then they lied and said that he lawyer agreed to the stay. The lawyer obviously did not agree to the stay, but only went along with it because the crowns have jurisdiction and told him not to make a conflict on the record.; This judge found nothing wrong with the crowns decision and further made a mockery of the woman’s review of the decision deliberately, after already being contacted by the Crowns prior to the hearing. The woman was so honest and was relying on the Judges in the Canadian Justice system to deter crowns and police from continuing their conduct. This was a major let down for many Canadian women and an eye opener to how corrupt out Judicial system really is. The judge said that all of their lies were okay, all conduct was okay, the fact that they failed to engage with her evidence in any meaningful way was okay and even went further and concluded that a probation officer has the right to alter a character references statement to turn it from a good one to a bad one. It is in their discretion. He failed to watch the public interest videos and came to court ready to put on a show and pretend it was a genuine hearing, when really, he had made a premeditated decision and even knew the head crown Richard Nathanson, outside of court.; He agreed that a woman who sent 13 non-threatening texts to a previous boyfriend and was falsely charged with harassment by a negligent officer, would maybe lie or be perceived as not credible if ever a victim in a sexual assault. Millions of Canadian’s have rockier breakups than 13 texts. The judge in that criminal case, stated in the transcript that anyone can send 13 texts and it wouldn’t be criminal harassment. She was hesitant to accept the guilty plea but did. Her new lawyer had to set aside the guilty plea on the grounds of ineffectiveness of counsel. Her perpetrator accused her of forgery to divert attention off himself for the s*x assault, slandered her to a probation officer and did so much to harm her life and cost her so much money dismissing all of the subsequent reports. Meanwhile, he can continue hurting women, while she struggles in silence, nearing her death. This judge has no idea of the corruption, or else he is just a part of it, which is probably the sad reality. Poor girl..

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