Juan Scott Alvarez

WTF Complaint about Juan Scott Alvarez.  This 40 year old Junkie is no good heroin addict who mooches off females can’t hold a job, lives off of females whom he calls girlfriends but are half his age and still live with their parents. He is a walking disease who runs away from responsibilities, lies and cheats and is a narcacisst. Don’t get involved with this crazy bipolar liar whom believes his own lies and has HEP C AND I’M SURE HIV. LADIES IF YOU WANT A WALKING NO GOOD JUNKIE WHO HAS BEEN TO PRISON FOR FRAUD THEN HE IS YOURS FOR THE TAKING, BUT BEWARE OF YOU DON’T HAVE DRUGS OR MONEY OR END UP PREGNANT BY THIS NASTY ASS WALKING DISEASE THEN HE IS THE ONE YOU WANT OTHERWISE RUN…

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