Joshua Moon Pensacola, Florida

WTF Complaint about Joshua Moon Pensacola, Florida.  Joshua Moon is an unemployed man, notable for the creation of a website which is used to harass and defame innocent people. Joshua Conner Moon, son of John Moon and Candice Lynn Potter, is running a notorious neo-N**i, white supremacist hate group and cyberbullying website called Kiwi Farms.; Kiwi Farms targets disabled people, particularly people with autism, gays, transgendered, Jews, Muslims, black people, Hispanics, vulnerable people, highly accomplished people, and other minorities. Kiwi Farms has ruined the lives of countless people with defamation and cyberbullying. Kiwi Farms had a forum called “Brown Town” in which they expressed their hatred for black people. Joshua Moon (also known as Joshua Conner Moon and Josh Moon) called for the genocide of Muslims and has “jokingly” solicited fingers of Jews for necklaces.; Despite making fun of autistics on his website, he himself is incredibly autistic. He forces very stupid, juvenile wordfilters on the forums because certain words trigger him. He thinks “ween” is the funniest insult to ever call someone, and unironically refers to milk as “tard c*m” (he’s literally mentally 12). Some speculate his obsession with Christian Weston Chandler, who he heavily features on the website, is sexual in nature, and that he actually has a fetish for literally milking tard dicks. No joke, I think he gets off on bullying Christian.; His forum is heavily moderated: the mods are insane and will ban you for asking “the wrong questions”, talking about Null’s poor legal past and rape allegations, and will get way too upset if a post or a thread isn’t formatted correctly.;; Here’s a link if you want to find out the real story about him. His website is heavily moderated because he has his own sordid and shady past.; JOSHUA CONNER MOON
Address: 3750 DON JANEAL RD, PENSACOLA FL 32526
Born 19 December 1992.
His voter ID number is 118617101.
He registered to vote 28 December 2010 and he is registered in the Republican Party of Florida.
He is listed as White, not Hispanic..

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