Jon Wolff – Ft Benning, Georgia

WTF Complaint about Jon Wolff – Ft Benning, Georgia.  This is Jon Wolff who used to be my boyfrien. I dumped him years ago when I found out he had a long term sexual relationship with his sister. Jon is a drill sergeant at Ft Benning and has added deadbeat dad to his resume. He abandoned his 15 month old son because he has special needs. He lied to the child’s mother, he lied to the Army and lied to his friends. He uses his friends for money, favors or whatever he wants. When he gets what he wants he will lie about them and say they took his stuff and then just stop talking to them. He does the same thing to women. He hides from everyone including his family. His dad who owns a small business and has been married three times. His mom who is homeless most of the time unless she is shacked up with one of many men she is having sex with. She is a drug addict alcoholic who emotionally abused her son for years including when she set him up with his sister. His sister has no friends of her own and wants all of Jon’s friends. If he gets a girlfriend she will get close to them and lie to them and lie to Jon so he will dump them and then comfort him with sexual favors. He will think it is wrong and then become suicidal and as attempted several times. Stay far far away ladies..

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