John “ Mr. Coffee “ Morley Berlin , New Hampshire

WTF Complaint about John “ Mr. Coffee “ Morley Berlin , New Hampshire.  John Morley Frappuccino King; My name is Denise W. RN and I used to work for John when he was a nursing supervisor at Banner Behavioral Hospital in Scottsdale. He always stopped at Starbucks on his way to work to buy frozen coffees for the pretty young nursing students, some right out of high school. He enjoyed sitting with them and watching them drink them down. This went on all year. Then one morning he was caught in his car with his scrubs pulled down to his ankles while he was masturbating into those Frappuccinos. Of course he was immediately fired. The word quickly got out and I feel sorry for those lovely young women who realized they had been drinking his c*m every morning for so long..

Do you agree that John “ Mr. Coffee “ Morley Berlin , New Hampshire deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!


  1. Krystal

    Jack is a well known exhibitionist. Funny, his erect dick is just 3 inches long. I know, I’m practically his daughter in law. – Krystal

  2. Amanda Jennings

    Jack had sex with my friend Julie Hastings from Conway NH when she was passed out and then took pictures of her naked and posted them online with her name and address. He even shaved off some of her pubic hair and saved it as some sort of trophy.

    1. Laura

      I know Julie and this is real . It happened and after reading Cindy’s comments below, I’m gonna send his boss a message for sure. ME TOO! Will you join me?

    2. Cindy Smith

      I know Julie and know this is true. Now Morley works for the Appalachian Mountain Club in Pinkham Notch in Gorham NH. I’m going to send an old fashioned letter asking her to simply Google John Morley in New Hampshire. If she does that I’d hope she’d fire him. There’s lots about him online, including pictures. I’m looking for your help. Could you? Let me know Me Too

  3. Cindy Smith

    I’ll tell all right here exactly where John works in Gorham NH. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll post all the details right here. A few calls to his boss, and wife, and we’ll ruin his life.After all he deserves it!

  4. Cindy Smith

    Jack works at the Appalachian Mountain Club in Gorham NH. Call or write his boss and let’s see if we can ruin him. Google John Morley in New Hampshire. Anyone up for this. Let me know how you make out please.

  5. Cindy Smith

    Me Too. John works at the Appalachian Mountain Club at Pinkham Notch Gorham NH. Let’s all call or write his boss and tell her to Google John Morley NH and we’ll see how long he keeps his job. Let’s ruin him, he deserves it. Let me know if you’ll help.

  6. Cindy Smith

    Let’s contact John’s boss at the Appalachian Mountain Club in Gorham NH and ask her to Google John or Jack Morley in NH and we’ll all see how long he can keep his job. But I need your help. Will you join me. Me Too.

  7. Cindy Smith

    John has been arrested for indecent exposure and public masturbation 6 times, convicted once. Also there was that 17 yo in Conway NH who initially accused him of rape. I intend to contact his employer, the Appalachian Mountain Pinkham Notch Visitors Center on Rte. 16 in Gorham NH. I’m just going to suggest they Bing or Google John Morley in Berlin NH. They’ll have plenty of ammunition to fire him. I’m looking for help. It would be great if many women contacted them. Will you join me. Please let me know. ME TOO

  8. John Morley

    This is John Morley and most of this is accurate. You want to call my boss? Do it ! I dare you. Let me know if you do. Call me at16037230529. But I believe you’re all to chicken to do it!

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