John Morley New Hampshire’s Smallest Dick

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John Morley has New Hampshire’s smallest little pathetic dick. I know because I saw it when he was passed out on a couch. I used to be his daughter in law.He exposes himself to women and teenage girls whenever he can. He’s done that in person hundreds of times and online thousands have seen his 3 inch erection. He’s been arrested 6 times for indecent exposure but only convicted once and spent just 5 days in jail. He was arrested in Bridgton Maine USA for masturbating in front of a cafe for all to see. He plead guilty to disorderly conduct. He lives at 258 School St Berlin NH USA 03570, works at the Appalachian Mountain Clubs Pinkham Notch Visitors center in Gorham NH and can be reached at 603-723-0529. Google him online for lots of posts and pictures. Then call him or his boss. I’d like to see him in prison getting raped up the ass by groups of black weightlifters. It’s not that I dislike him. He just deserved to be punished, laughed at, and made unemployable.

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