Jessie Breen & Matt Breen


Happy marriage to the newlyweds!

The ink hasn’t even dried and she is claiming step mom status.

Narcissistic duo!

Over 16k in child support owes to the child involved in the case.

calling his “baby mama” on his wedding night at 1am while he had their child. 🙄🙄 #jealous

She’s had to be trespassed from private property because she has no self control.

Learn to pronounce
feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages.

You can’t be jealous over a loser who can’t pay child support with STI.

You can’t be jealous of a girl who is a moron.

Eat a cheeseburger and get a therapist. That’s the only safe space you need.

You are white trash! Jessie schramm Breen.

It takes more than a marriage to be a parent but that shows your mental ability and maturity.

Pay your child support Matthew John Breen.

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