Jermaine Sevowicz Los Angeles, California

WTF Complaint about Jermaine Sevowicz Los Angeles, California.  He looks for women online dating sites that have a good job. He tells them he’s in love and wants to move in with them. He moves between California, Texas, Louisiana, and Miami Florida (his “hometown”) he will leave on woman for the next when he can’t control her bank account or her! He becomes very violent when be doesn’t get his way. He’s currently on probation for Domestic violence out of Long Beach CA. Do not trust him, he has multiple phones, emails, and women. His baby momma#3 is his biggest cheerleader whom has his back regardless of his lies and cheating, even on her! Stay away from him. He’s nothing but a narcissistic liar!.

Do you agree that Jermaine Sevowicz Los Angeles, California deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!


  1. Tiffany jones

    Jermaine Sevowicz has never lived in no damn Miami in his life. He is from Germany! He nothing but a user and liar. The baby momma is Treemanisha Woods she believes everything he tell her she worship the ground he walk on!! Ugh I hate his ass nothing but a user

  2. Dencol

    Well looks like I’m not the only one he’s fucked over.
    Looser, manipulater, disgusting, appalling in every way kind of person.
    Look out for him…. ASSHOLE…..

  3. Angie

    If you are reading this and this monster is in your home or telling you he is in love with you so he can move in…RUN. Do not let this monster into your home or get rid of him immediately. He is verbally and physically abusive. He will not only abuse you but your children as well. He claims to have OCD but it is a way to control you. He is a career criminal along with Treeminisha Woods and they embezzle money, cars and electronics from women and men. Jermaine is bisexual and does not care where the money comes from. His Hell Cat belongs to Veris Mendoza in Ventura California so he will try to get you to buy him a car because the Hell Cat is stolen and Veris is looking for it. He has multiple restraining orders in multiple states and is still on probation for another year out of Long Beach California. He knows to move from state to state and is more than likely in Barstow California. Ladies and gents you have been warned. Everything you have read about him on the internet is true. He is becoming more desperate and is very, very dangerous.

  4. Angel

    WTF!!! Is right the f*** on point…. This a** hole is the biggest con man on the planet. He will manipulate, lie, cheat, steal or whatever is necessary to keep his fake BS going. Nothing you see on his face book is real. He doesn’t own any homes or any cars. He gets everything from women he latches on to. Once he has drained you dry he moves on to the next. He has major anger and control issues. He will say what ever is necessary to keep control over you, even to the point of isolation from your friends and family. Trust nothing he says, nothing he does. He is as bad as they come. Consider yourselves warned. The next girl will not be as lucky as the last….

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