Jermaine Sevowicz Los Angeles, California

WTF Complaint about Jermaine Sevowicz Los Angeles, California.  He looks for women online dating sites that have a good job. He tells them he’s in love and wants to move in with them. He moves between California, Texas, Louisiana, and Miami Florida (his “hometown”) he will leave on woman for the next when he can’t control her bank account or her! He becomes very violent when be doesn’t get his way. He’s currently on probation for Domestic violence out of Long Beach CA. Do not trust him, he has multiple phones, emails, and women. His baby momma#3 is his biggest cheerleader whom has his back regardless of his lies and cheating, even on her! Stay away from him. He’s nothing but a narcissistic liar!.

Do you agree that Jermaine Sevowicz Los Angeles, California deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!


  1. Tiffany jones

    Jermaine Sevowicz has never lived in no damn Miami in his life. He is from Germany! He nothing but a user and liar. The baby momma is Treemanisha Woods she believes everything he tell her she worship the ground he walk on!! Ugh I hate his ass nothing but a user

  2. Dencol

    Well looks like I’m not the only one he’s fucked over.
    Looser, manipulater, disgusting, appalling in every way kind of person.
    Look out for him…. ASSHOLE…..

  3. Angie

    If you are reading this and this monster is in your home or telling you he is in love with you so he can move in…RUN. Do not let this monster into your home or get rid of him immediately. He is verbally and physically abusive. He will not only abuse you but your children as well. He claims to have OCD but it is a way to control you. He is a career criminal along with Treeminisha Woods and they embezzle money, cars and electronics from women and men. Jermaine is bisexual and does not care where the money comes from. His Hell Cat belongs to Veris Mendoza in Ventura California so he will try to get you to buy him a car because the Hell Cat is stolen and Veris is looking for it. He has multiple restraining orders in multiple states and is still on probation for another year out of Long Beach California. He knows to move from state to state and is more than likely in Barstow California. Ladies and gents you have been warned. Everything you have read about him on the internet is true. He is becoming more desperate and is very, very dangerous.

  4. Angel

    WTF!!! Is right the f*** on point…. This a** hole is the biggest con man on the planet. He will manipulate, lie, cheat, steal or whatever is necessary to keep his fake BS going. Nothing you see on his face book is real. He doesn’t own any homes or any cars. He gets everything from women he latches on to. Once he has drained you dry he moves on to the next. He has major anger and control issues. He will say what ever is necessary to keep control over you, even to the point of isolation from your friends and family. Trust nothing he says, nothing he does. He is as bad as they come. Consider yourselves warned. The next girl will not be as lucky as the last….

  5. Marie

    Wow!!! I’m so worried about my daughter reading all of these. He is now living with her and her kids and everything that is being said is what my daughter is living right now. He has moved in, taken control of everything. My daughter is totally blind and does not believe any of these reviews. He even convinced her to by him a car. He is now located in Las Vegas and if he’s not lying he will be moving to Riverside Cal next week. I have copies of his crimes. From domestic violence against family members. Fraud for writing bad checks, and the list goes on. So yes women be aware of this guy. He is dangerous. I pray my daughter see who he is before it’s too late.

  6. Susan

    In agreement with everything these woman are saying. Did the same thing to me a while back. He told me he was single, he was not I found out. He pushed me and raised his fist to me that’s when he had to go. Within a couple of weeks he had moved in with another gal. I hope she woke up and booted him out before his temper revealed its self and does something serious to her. Women do your research on this asshole. Hope this saves other women from being beaten down by him. He also has a review on cat fish.

  7. Kali

    He is a despicable human. He was kicked out of the army for fighting. He is getting desperate. His ugliness on the inside is beginning to show more and more. He can not control his anger. He should stick to dumb, uneducated, ghetto girls. They believe his far-fetched stories. Praise God I saw his demon quickly. Eventually he will not be able to control his temper, and may actually hurt someone worse than the others.

    He is a habitual abuser.

    He and his partner in crime (Treemanisha Woods) need to be stopped! They embezzle money from women, and apparently men.

  8. Kali

    Marie… I was able to find his domestic violence case in Long Beach , CA. Plus the case number, I paid $1 to access his court records!

    He was charged with :
    Penal Code 245(a)(4) PC
    California Penal Code 273.5 is a penal code section that describes felony domestic violence charges.

    CRIMINAL THREATS 422(a) Any person who willfully threatens to commit a crime which will result in death or great bodily injury to another person

    False Imprisonment and Human Trafficking
    False imprisonment is the unlawful violation of the personal liberty of another.

    He is on probation for the false imprisonment, and assault. His other 2 charges were dismissed for his plea bargaining. This is horrific.

  9. N

    To the next person that is LUCKY enough to be meet Jermaine please don’t believe any of this, there are 2 sides to every story, and if you are fortunate enough to win Jermaine’s heart over he will always be honest and tell you everything.
    Don’t let any of this BS discourage you, cause any insecurities, or doubt when getting to know Jermaine. If you feel he is a good man trust that feeling. Stop reading this stuff. He has been nothing, but, faithful, loving, and caring since day 1. Not just to me, but, my kids as well. He has never been violent or threatening. We have never felt scared of him. He is a great father. He has never taken anything from me including money that he had access to. He will be the first to tell you that he is not perfect, but, he is not the “monster” these post make him out to be.
    During our relationship Jermaine chose to put up with a lot of outside bs on my side that he didn’t have to. He was there for me like no one else has been and I hope the next person that reads all of these post take this one into consideration. Jermaine doesn’t deserve any of this and I hope he finds the right person that can see this before it’s too late.

  10. Neil

    I don’t know the guy, sounds like a real POS. Just wanted to let you all to know that the Hellcat was repo’d a month ago in Vegas. Sorry to all of you that were burned by this punk.

  11. Melanie

    Im pretty sure Jermaine wrote that last one……dang hes getting caught up everywhere….Thank God!! He is very abusive and a munipulater…..He is bi sexual and sick in his mind!!! Dude was talking about his fantasy of having sex with his own mom…..if that dont tell u something Idk what will….poor guy got his car repoed so on to the next….watch out fellas women and children!!!!

  12. Marilyn

    N… You are CRAZY!! He is the biggest liar on the planet! Ask to see one of his many phones then. How about the fact that he has 2 domestic violence cases! He hasn’t had a job in years so how does he take care of you and your kids? With money he and his daughters mother embezzled from other women? His fiancee in Phoenix, or his wife in Los Angeles? Or his new child’s mother? He doesn’t have anything that he earned himself, or bought anything himself. He lives strictly off of women, and uses them to get whatever it is he needs. Maybe he just needed a place to lay low because he was hiding one of several stolen cars he had… God help you.

    Don’t believe this narcissistic pig.

  13. Katiana

    N… You are CRAZY! He is a habitual liar! He doesn’t have a job, or any income other than from women he and his daughter’s mom embezzle from multiple women! Including his fiancee in Phoenix or perhaps his wife in Los Angeles, or maybe baby momma # 5….. What on Earth would make you think he’s a good man? He’s a lousy actor, and his fake charm is sickening. Don’t forget his ridiculous claim of OCD so he can lay in bed all day, stinking up the room. He has nothing to offer except some d-ck…. Which is mediocre at best. He needs to get a job, get his teeth fixed, and learn to support himself before he gets any fatter and loses any appeal he has left. Hence his pictures only being of his face. Girl you are delusional. Don’t try to convince some poor soul to trust this narcissistic monster around them or their children! He has 6 kids he doesn’t take care of he’s surely not going to take care of anyone elses. He has several domestic violence cases and other women that are afraid to press charges. Probably because he has something to blackmail them with.

    I hope he goes to jail.

  14. Sofia

    Faithful??? When was this? He has a fiance’ in Arizona, he was married to someone last year in California. While he was living with a woman in Las Vegas, and talking to other women all over the place. Meanwhile his newest baby momma just gave birth to another baby a few months ago… Not including the nasty women on his Facebook claiming she was getting some good —-!!!

    I think you need to re-evaluate your perception of faithful, and good man!

  15. Vanessa

    He’s an unemployed car salesman loser. Thats all he’ll ever be. He has nothing to his name, doesn’t pay his child support and has a limp dick. Lucky I saw through him.

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