Jennifer Imbroglio – Valhalla, New York

WTF Complaint about Jennifer Imbroglio – Valhalla, New York.  This is Jennifer. Jennifer is an ex girlfriend of my husband. They found each other on Facebook and began a 3 year affair. She knew he was married but still sent him naked pictures. She knew my husband and I were in counseling working sh*t out. I even spoke to her and asked her, woman to woman to please back off. She kept pursuing him, despite the fact that she was married too. She eventually lured my husband to NYC near where she works so they can “talk”. She rented a hotel room under her name and had sex with my husband. (June 30th, 2015 where she also lied to her boss and called in sick). She’s done this before according to one of her friends on Facebook who I reached out to. She has a history of being a home wrecking whore. I have all their text messages, emails and naked photos and videos. I told her to stay away from my husband or I will send everything to her very conservative manager of her very conservative stock brokerage firm in NYC. She backed off for about 6 months, and then contacted him again via email. Her maiden name is Balfour. Her husband is Frank Imbroglio and he works as a corrections officer in upstate NY. The girl is TRASH and rest assured, so insecure, she screws other womens husbands just to make her feel good about herself..

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