Jennie Lee Klennert

WTF Complaint about Jennie Lee Klennert.  Fat fucking Whore that thinks she’s what men want. She portrays herself as a decent woman but is a backstabbing whore that will sweet talk and manipulate men and BEG for sexting, pictures. She keeps this all secret from her boyfriend by changes these guys’ names in her phone to random names and numbers. Jennie Lee Klennert cheated on her husband causing her divorce. Now the one she cheated with doesn’t have sexual with her enough so she turns to these other guys, some of them married. Camper at Bluff Valley Campground in Zumbro Falls MN. She said that when her boyfriend isn’t camping with her, she gets naughty with a daycare parent from Pine Island MN that also camps there. Jennie Lee Klennert lives in Cannon Falls MN at 1414 Kate’s Place
Feel free to mail her a postcard letting her know she’s famous for being a cheater and homewrecker.
This picture is of her and the guy she cheated on her husband with who is also her current boyfriend. His name is David Duane Johnson. Also living at 1414 Kate’s Place, Cannon Falls MN 55009.

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