Jennie Klennert

WTF Complaint about Jennie Klennert.  This woman is a fucking puke. She tells her sex partners that she has guys on the side. She says that she hides them from her fiancée. She changes the names of her affair partners in her phone so her fiancée doesn’t know who she’s really talking to. She begs for dick pictures. She send pictures of her saggy tits and her worn out snatch to her affair partners. Jennie Klennert is very experienced in cheating. She cheated on her husband with a man that’s 15 years older than her. Now she complains that her man doesn’t have sex with her much. She lives in Cannon Falls Minnesota. Regular whore that has relations with a neighboring camper at Bluff Valley Campground in Zumbrota MN. She said when her fiancée isn’t with her, she has a little fun with a daycare parent and things get a little crazy and she gets naughty.
Can you believe this woman works at Mayo Clinic? Charlton Building in Rochester MN.
She must be exposed!.

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