Jeffrey Michael Kelly scum of Chicago

WTF Complaint about Jeffrey Michael Kelly scum of Chicago.  Deadbeat dad, druggie thief, and cheater alert. This guy right here is a lying mooch. He’s been living off his mommy for the last year. Mentally and emotionally abusive to any women, and his own son!
If he isn’t scamming his doctors with one of his many illness claims for OxyContin, his mom, Marlene Kelly will just Hans them to him.; He goes by the name king_saint_kelly on Facebook.; Because he is a saint and all.; He has been stealing money from his mentally ill aunt for several months now. Constantly lying and scamming his way through life.; Don’t believe me. View the photos. Pilled out trying to hold his baby. What a winner here!; If you slept with him get tested!.

Do you agree that Jeffrey Michael Kelly scum of Chicago deserves a WTF Complaint?  Speak up in the comments section!

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