Jay-Jayy Santana aka Benjamin Olton. Stevenage/London UK


Benjamin-Eli Olton (real name) aka Jay-Jayy Santana aka Crysalinio
This broke mf is a using, cheating, dirty, liar. He lives a broke lifestyle including barely washing.
If you have come across this guy on social media or dating apps then run a mile, everything he says is a lie! He will manipulate you into thinking he has a job, car, even a dog!
His ex reported him to the police and he is currently going through a court case, you can find it online at St Albans courts. Hopefully he will be locked up and no one will have to endure any more abuse from this “man”.
He will tell you he lives in London but he lives out of one disgusting room in Hertfordshire. Add him on social media and abuse this pathetic excuse for a human.

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