Jason Kaminicki Granville , Ohio

WTF Complaint about Jason Kaminicki Granville , Ohio.  Jason is a classic narcissist, a liar and an abuser. Both ex wives, multiple ex girlfriends, attorneys, guardian ad litems, and court records will confirm this. He dated before both divorces were final and hide it to gain pity, still calling his wives whores and cheaters. He was on several dating websites while in relationships. He stalked both of his ex wives and relentlessly harassed them. He can’t tell the truth if his life depends on it. The problems in his life are everyone’s fault but his own. He claims all of his ex’s are crazy, yet the pattern is clear. There are multiple police reports, including an incident where he followed an individual in an Army helicopter he was piloting, for nearly an hour, to harass and intimidate them. He is a sick and twisted man that refuses to get the mental help that the courts have ordered. He plays the victim and uses his children as pawns in his games. He cares more about revenge than his children. Do yourself a favor and run like h**l from him before it’s too late. I’m glad I did my research and found out the truth!.

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